A bacon that
follows no rules

You won’t believe what it’s made of!

A future where our survival is no longer at stake

At Libre, we’re in the business of transforming the
food system. We turn mushrooms into foods you
love to rebuild the system in a way that works
– for you and the planet. 

Wait for it!

We’re about to launch in your
favorite burger joints

Barcelona Madrid Valencia

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Just a team that likes to eat-and keeps it real

We believe building a new food system is possible if we start telling it as it is. 

At Libre, we replicate the meats we’re afraid to miss, the ones currently unavailable in restaurants or supermarkets, while ensuring the food production process doesn’t jeopardize our time on earth. 

We like being here and will do everything we can to stay. 

Join us? 

The Libre Team